We help businesses
to succeed online.

Our mission is to make digital marketing accessible and more cost-effective for all businesses, regardless of size.

Through our network of platforms, integrated partners and education, we hope to create a meaningful economic impact by helping millions of businesses to succeed online.

Levelling the
playing field

With technology and human expertise, we are knocking down the barriers to entry to level the playing field, allowing even the smallest businesses to succeed online.


Meet Our Brands



Online Marketing Simplified

Analyze your online marketing campaigns in minutes with clear, insightful reports and opportunities that you can action immediately. Reduce wasted spend and have more time to focus on improving your marketing strategy.



Digital Marketing Budget Management Software

Avoid under and overspends with automated budget pacing reporting. Create custom budget cycles, track rollover amounts, automatically pause campaigns or reduce their spend if budgets are hit, keep track of your KPIs and much more. EDEE connects with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads.



Automated Marketing Reports

Create customizable dashboards and reports that connect all your marketing data under one roof - Built for marketing agencies and in-house teams.



Turn Clicks Into Revenue

Do you need help creating a website that delivers value for your business? Helping you to build websites that generate revenue is what we do best - even if you are a complete beginner, we will help you to market, sell and generate revenue like a pro.



Discover Your Next Big Win

Online software and tools can help you save time and solve problems, but you need help knowing where to start with thousands of options available. Thats where Growth Supermarket can help you!



Creating Profitable Partnerships

Get your product, software and services in front of more customers by launching your own partner program in minutes. Discover how Reflio can help you to unlock a new revenue channel and accelerate your business growth.

Helping Businesses Grow Through Our Partnerships

ClickTech has developed strategic partnerships with some of the biggest platforms in the industry to ensure our customers can thrive by delivering them market-leading products, innovations and support.


Join the ClickTech Team

Learn how you can make an impact by exploring career opportunities at ClickTech.